The ability to write is an enormously important skill. Living in a text driven world, being able to express yourself through writing is important for a variety of majors and careers.

Whether you just want to build your writing skills in preparation for difficult college courses or refine your skills to thrive in a future career in writing, the Academic Writing Workshop is for you.

Why learn to write with us?

  • Small, individualized classes of no more than 5 students. That kind of intense, 1 on 1 time is proven to enhance your writing ability.
  • Maximum improvement in minimum time. Using our EPIC values, we break down the writing process to get students to achieve maximum results in a short, 5-week class.
  • The course is not designed to be a full year writing class, it is designed with the Pareto Principle in mind. As such, we focus on the aspects of writing that can most dramatically improve your skills within a short period of time. Epic Mentoring's Writing Workshop is effective and efficient.

Over the course we will learn:

  • The purposes of writing
  • The processes of writing
  • Writing online
  • Academic language
  • Writing for clarity and readability
  • Writing for different disciplines
  • Development of analytical writing skills
  • Research tools and how to properly give credit
  • Introduction to four main styles of writing: persuasive, expository, narrative and descriptive