I. How to Make the Most out of College

College is more than just lecture halls and final exams. In our introductory class, we lay out a plan for getting the most out of your college experience, developing a mindset of positivity and achievability, and introduce goal setting tactics.

II. College Knowledge: Choosing College Courses Like a Pro and Other Essential Insider Tips

Orienting yourself to a college campus can be demanding enough; we make sure you head into your first year armed with insider tips.

III. Inspired Social Media Use

Social media has a long reach that can be both positive and negative. We explore both sides of this modern phenomenon and seek out ways to use it positively, responsibly, and inspirationally including optimizing your LinkedIn page.

IV. Interview Rock Star

Yes, being a good interviewee is a skill that can be learned, practiced and perfected. In this class we break down the interview process so you can show off your talents and ace any interview.

V. Networking Made Easy

Networking is an unfamiliar skill for high school students, but an invaluable tool throughout your academic career and beyond. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, learn the essentials of networking and how to use them on campus. From name recall to small talk, we make networking easy.

VI & VII. Public Speaking and Presentation Etiquette (2 classes)

Over the next four years and in nearly every future career, you will need to speak to a group and present information. In this 2-class topic, students will get both theoretical and experiential guidance on how to become a powerful presenter and charismatic speaker.

VIII. Advanced Character Education

College is about education. But often our own personal virtues, philosophy and character are not questioned and explored with such guidance as the sciences or arts. In the last class of the course, we break down some of life’s bigger questions and aim to develop a personal philosophy.