JUST ESSAY Prep - Flat Iron, NYC


JUST ESSAY Prep - Flat Iron, NYC


Includes 12 One Hour Classes with a max 6:1 Student to Facilitator ratio

Mondays & Thursdays, 6-7 pm

First Class 9/25, Last Class 11/2

Classes held at 234 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10001

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In this course we focus on just the optional essay writing portion of the SAT. Students interested in attending a Top 40 college will not only need to write the "optional" SAT Essay but also score at least a 21/24. 

The SAT Essay is unlike many other writing assignments in high school, as it asks you to read a novel passage and then analyze the authors use of rhetorical devices in writing a persuasive essay all in 50 minutes. As such, it is important to understand what the graders are looking for, the correct pacing of this portion, and the proper structure of the analysis.

It is highly recommended that if you are planning on attending a top 40 school you practice your essay writing.