Epic Empowerment Program

Over the course of 9 weeks, students of the Epic Empowerment Program will become empowered through deep explorations of two main themes: failure and purpose.
It is our belief that learning to overcome failures, stretch the limits of one’s comfort zone, and building the proper foundational habits to deal with failure will ultimately help students to succeed in life. However, it is also our belief that success is not measured in titles, accolades or salaries, but in the lives students are able to add value to. We seek to increase student’s self-awareness and instill a pro-social purpose alongside their extrinsic motivating factors that, research shows, will help them persist through challenging tasks, increase general happiness, and develop a sense of direction.

Class 1 Resources


Activity 1

Follow this link to take the pre-survey


Activity 2

JK Rowling's Commencement Speech to Harvard University, June 2008.


Activity 3

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Next weeks blog topic: Our Best Mistake. Tell me a story of when you made what seemed like a big mistake, but were ultimately able to learn and grow from it.