EPIC students are taught on four core principles:

Engagement: Throughout the course students will learn the WHY of learning, explore their own passions, and understand how to teach themselves anything. Essentially, the student will come out of the class more engaged with the world around them.

Performance: Regardless of a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, their academic performance will be improved through the teaching of an effective and efficient learning system. EPIC Students develop an individualized process for internalizing new material.

Inspiration: Students are more than just intrigued, they are given the skills to follow what inspires them and set out on a path to actualize their dreams. The curriculum naturally incorporates inspiring accomplishments, people and goals through class discussions and draws out what really inspires students.

Challenge: Each week EPIC students are challenged with new ideas to explore, fresh perspectives to debate and new methods of learning to experiment with.  Students learn that by challenging assumptions and creating challenging goals they will move confidently in the direction of their dreams, grow as a person, and live an interesting life.