Future Leaders

Though fashioned like a business bootcamp, the value of Epic’s Future Leaders program is much greater. Each day students will be learning how to solve problems independently, effectively work with others, and gain both academic and real-world skills. Students will be tasked with coming up with a business idea or solution to a current problem, no matter how big or small. Then, students will spend the week learning how to take their idea and shape it into a product or business. On the last day, students will get a tour of a business in Manhattan, lunch, and spend the afternoon in a NYC co-working space pitching their ideas to business professionals. A lucky few will win prizes, but all students will have grown their own abilities, confidence, and imagination of what is possible.

Future Leaders Summer Program
445.00 495.00
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Day 1 - Brainstorming

9am Leadership + Team Building

10am Understanding Market Opportunities

11am Brainstorming Business Ideas

Day 2 - Design

9am Product - Market Fit

10am Product Design

11am Engineering Design Process

Day 3 - Research

9am “FAB” feature, advantage, benefit analysis

10am Product Research

11am Developing the Selling Points

Day 4 - Marketing

9am Ideas that Stick

10am Make your Pitch

11am Practice your Pitch

Future Leaders teaches 21st century skills in a fun, fast-paced, and engaging environment. Students will improve their ELA and research skills, presentation and public speaking ability, and become better problem solvers.

Day 5 - Pitch Day

9am Leave 207Q to tour a workplace

10am Workplace Tour

11am Workplace Tour Q & A

12 Lunch

1pm Student Pitches to “Sharks”

2pm Student Pitches to “Sharks”

3pm Leave for PS 207Q (arrive around 4pm)