My daughter Victoria took part in four school sponsored trips which Mr. Wagner organized and led. The travel group has been to China, Spain, Italy, Greece and even Cuba! We always say that Victoria was blessed the day she signed up for that first trip to China. Mr. Wagner has taken his students to the most extraordinary places and gifted each student with a sense of awe and wonder for the world and the people in it. The chemistry and connection that Mr. Wagner has with young people is effortless. He has a unique and genuine understanding of his students and that gives him the ability to really teach, influence and inspire them. Most importantly, he respects his students and that gives them the courage to share their feelings and thoughts with him. He provides a platform for students to discover themselves and he stands beside them as a mentor and guide along their journey. Beyond having taught history in the classroom, Mr. Wagner inspires confidence, understanding, wonder, adventure, and compassion. Mr. Wagner’s mentorship and friendship played an important role in Victoria’s decision to attend NYU and study abroad in Argentina and Australia. He has inspired in our daughter a hunger to explore the world, herself and her connection to others, a gift for which my husband and I are eternally grateful.
— -Sharon B.
I have known Mr. Wagner for over two years now. He was one of the best teachers anyone could ask for. He was dedicated to his profession and passionate about educating our children. He created a dynamic and engaging learning environment that promoted the desire to learn more, asking questions and being the best student one can be. Mr. Wagner is a highly intelligent and articulate person who has built a strong rapport with both students and parents alike. He consistently made learning fun and enjoyable and it’s obvious that his students are his number one priority. He is considered a “class favorite” and all who meet him instantly recognize his enthusiasm, energy and motivation. These qualities made a lasting impression on my son. If a student struggled in class he took the time to meet with them after class to review the material. Even after my son completed 10th grade he still went to Mr. Wagner for guidance or when he needed help in 11th grade. Not only was he an excellent teacher but also he is a great inspiration and mentor to the students. This summer he took a group of 20 students on a trip to Cuba. Because of the trust he has established with the parents, I had no reservations or concerns about letting my son go. I was confident that my child would be in good hands and that Mr. Wagner would provide the students with a once in a lifetime educational opportunity they would never forget. Mr. Wagner is such an inspiration, great role model and mentor for my son and I am grateful for all the help, support and guidance he has given us. We will continue to reach out to him and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent mentor.
— Isabela F.
Mr. Wagner is a unique combination of teacher, mentor, friend and coach to my daughter. In addition to being really smart and intelligent, he has the ability to relate to kids of all ages and backgrounds. He does this by being honest and transparent and by staying current with what is occurring in the world around us. Suffice it to say that the only class and teacher my daughter was inspired to come home and talk about was the classes she had with Mr. Wagner. He is an enthusiastic, charismatic and knowledgable teacher. Rather than focusing on kids weaknesses, he works with kids strengths. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Wagner.
— Anna Maria V.